Printing on cups, pillows, key chains and shirts. Jungle Gifts specializes in especially impressive designs.
Clock, basalt stone, mouse pad, jungle allows you to receive gifts with sparkling designs and breathtaking

A unique system that will allow you to design your own perfect gift from home. At the end of the design, you can pay for the gift through PayPal and the gift on the way to you

Wedding Shirts
The exclusive wedding shirts of Jungle prints. Beautiful wedding shirts in unprecedented promotions

School shirts from the schools in Israel. Choose a logo Pick a shirt, and the shirt is on your way to you High quality school shirts for boys and girls and for all seasons

Special offers for gifts for kindergartens
Children's photo key chains, fridge magnets and more. A variety of gifts that parents will love

Printing large quantities of commercial shirts and advertising products at prices not to be missed

A unique gift

Printing on shirts and gifts makes every gift a personal, exciting and unique gift. Printing on a shirt, printing on a pillow, or printing a wall clock every time the recipient wants to know the time, all he has to do is look at the wall clock and remember the good times we went through together.

Who among us did not think to himself how he could surprise his loved ones with a unique gift? Those moments in which we sit for hours and think what gift will be worthy enough to buy for them. Now it's here, you do not have to think for hours and finally spend a lot of money buying a gift that will finally be thrown into the drawer and forgotten by people.

Jungle Printing on T-shirts and gifts enables its customers to design their own product through our "design your own product" system. A very easy to operate system that includes dozens of fonts and icons for perfect design, even without any knowledge of computers or design. So come on, start designing

Not just printing on shirts

Shields for mobile phones

מגן לסלולרי

T shirts

חולצות טי



Printing on shirts

We offer you the ability to print on shirts
Express yourself through the clothes you wear
So check that the company will print the shirts for you too
You will be ready to hear you, your wishes, and your needs

Jungle Print T-shirts promise to hear everything you say, but also what is said without words

We will be happy to receive any feedback, both on the quality of the service, the quality of the system, and any suggestions for any other efficiency that you may think of
Very soon, the Jungle app will be uploaded to Google's app store. We would appreciate it if you decide to download the app
Note that jungle does not only provide gift printing, Jungle provides you with a completely personalized gift that you have designed yourself while doing
Providing a platform for creativity in you. He went wild and took it out

You can print on all types of gifts. All prints are printed using the sublimation method for long-term edits
For each print, you can add a picture, dedication and icons without any extra charge (the only ones on the market) while keeping the price
The most attractive in the market
The jungle printing on gifts cares only about you, and we will do everything for your shopping experience on the site to be the best experience

Print on all types of products

Printing on various products: key chains, clogs, metals, food bags, cups, plates, glasses stand, clocks, card boxes .... visit, frames and more
We do the best printing without compromise on print quality
Because this is indeed your gift, but that is our name

Printing on textiles: shirts, underwear, boxer, thongs, pillowcases, pillowcases, sheets, socks, curtains, car sun curtain and more ...
Print Games: Puzzles, dolls, heart pillow, car shirts and a variety of printable products

IPhone 5 covers and iPhone 4 covers

In the cellular market until recently, the iPhone was dominated by the iPhone 4. The market is part of the Galaxy A2. In the past year there has been a revolution in the cellular market and the Galaxy has replaced the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 4 has been replaced by the iPhone 5
Jungle markets cover for the iPhone 5 with spectacular design and ultra-high vulnerability. We market coverings for the iPhone 5 from plastic or silicon for your choice and your preference for each type of cover for the iPhone 5 has advantages and disadvantages. While the plastic cover for the iPhone 5 is more beautiful and provides better protection in case of falls, the covers for the iPhone 5 are more durable and durable. Ask our sales representative about the difference between the types of coverings for iPhone 5

Wedding Shirts

In recent years, the fashion of weddings has entered the trend of printing shirts for the wedding. In fact, these are stylish shirts with humorous illustrations / sentences designed to "make happy" at the wedding and serve as a wonderful souvenir
The trend of wedding shirts, came from the American market and slid away to the rest of the world. Today it was impossible to find almost a wedding without wedding shirts
Jungle markets exclusive wedding shirts with stunning designs and top quality shirts. We keep the best prices on the market for wedding wedding dresses. Jungle has a rich selection of wedding t-shirts, such as T-shirts for wedding, T-shirts for women's wedding,