Jungle - Printing on gifts

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Jungle Printing on gifts Prints on any kindShopping from today to tomorrow Send us a formatted file or design through our simple system and we will prepare you the most personal gift, in a period of less than one business day

Printing on shirts and gifts

Printing on shirts

In jungle we do all the printing services on shirts.
- Silk-screen printing
- Printing on shirts using sublimation method
- Printing on T-shirts
For each method its different advantages and prices, ask the service representative Our best method for you.

Jungle - print on products

In "Jungle Printing on Gifts" we print on all types of products
- Printing on shirts.
- Printing on cellular covers.
- Printing on cups and cups.
- Printing on men's and women's underwear.
- Printing on pillows, puzzles, and more ...
We print the best equipment available in the market, and we have an exclusive system for designing products through the network. The system allows you to design the product you always wanted, add text and icons, and send us the finished design for printing.


Silk printing and advertising products

In the print jungle, printing is done in large quantities for advertising products at very competitive prices. When we place a large order, we do it in silk print