Design Your Own Tshirt

In Israel over the past year, several such systems have surfaced, but none of them compares in real competition to foreign systems that operate in a very simple manner on the one hand but have not missed a professional result.
HTML 5 allows one to develop a very simple system to work on the other hand gives the surfer all the most advanced possibilities that exist in professional graphic editing software
Jungle invested a huge sum in order for such a system to emerge in the Israeli market and will give you the experience that both the citizens of the United States and most of the citizens of Europe enjoy

In the United States and Europe, advanced systems for the design of a shirt or other gift have been built over the years, allowing the surfer to enter the application and edit the shirt himself, adding dedications, photos from his personal computer and adding icons and backgrounds embedded in the system.
These systems provide the surfer with a significant advantage, which is to design the shirt in a simple and easy way on the one hand, while on the other give him the true experience of a personal gift.

Jungle gives you a possibility

חולצת חתונדה

Jungle's system works in a style very similar to the advanced systems of the United States and Europe and still maintains a Zionist way, while maintaining the habits and usage habits of the Israeli consumer.
The system is built in such a way that every child, youth and adults will be able to design a beautiful t-shirt with no knowledge of design at all
The system incorporates a variety of icons designed for printing on shirts, giving the design a professional and breathtaking finish

Printing on shirts? From now on your design and no one else's system By the way you are not satisfied with printing on t-shirts and allows you to print on all types of products including, cover for iPhone, Galaxy, puzzles, underwear, towels and more

We will be happy if you try to use the system, and we will be at your service for any question

Best regards
The jungle team