Printing on shirts

Printing on T-shirts What is it at all? In the T-shirt printing service, we actually receive a design from your design system or design for you a personal design and print the design on your shirt
The T-shirt printing service is suitable for almost all types of shirts, and according to the color of the selected shirt, match the type of printing
Remember, we can print on shirts of almost any type, but our responsibility is for the shirts we provide

In short, there are true to be 4 types of printing on shirts. Of the 4 methods, there are 3 main types of printing for printing on shirts. We will talk about the most important
Printing on shirts - sublimation.
Printing on T-shirts.
- Printing on silk shirts.
The fourth type is technology in its early stages, so we are not yet going to talk about it

Printing on shirts - sublimation

Printing on sublimation shirts has several advantages and disadvantages.

- The color itself goes into the canvas.
- Do not feel the printing.
- Longer durability.
- Printing on all types of products.

- Print only on a white shirt.

Printing on Flax shirts

When printing on shirts of any color other than white, print on Flex. In this type of printing, a thin plastic is cut with a unique laser cutter. The plastic in the design form rests on the shirt and the heat melts into the fiber of the fabric. The plastic cut in the shape of the design is so thin that it is not felt at all on the shirt and does not peel off.

- Printing on all types of colors.
- No pixel problem at all.
- Very good print quality.

- Print in the layer above the image.
- Printing from one color only to 2 colors.

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Printing on shirts - silk printing

When you are interested in printing in large quantities, most of the order will be done using silk printing method. Silk printing is only for large quantities. When printing on a shirt and silk-screen printing products, we will prepare a plate. The cost of preparing the block is expensive because it requires a lot of work. On the other hand, once the clot is ready, the cost of applying paint on the shirt is insignificant and insignificant. So this method is best for printing on large size shirts

- Printing of large quantities - from 10 shirts.
- High-quality, non-peeling printing.
- Possibility to stand on top of the shirt.

- Printing in one color for the most part.
- Bulk print only.

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