Shipping of shirts, gifts and advertising

We in the jungle print on shirts and gifts perform the highest quality prints, in the shortest time available to us
We undertake to produce your gift within less than one business day and to remove the shipment from our office during this period

Shipping costs:
regular delivery
Normal delivery in the jungle is by mail. 24. The shipment arrives
To the post office / post office nearest to your home (depending on the product) and you
Please get the shipment. The cost of shipping is NIS 5 for reservations
Of up to 100 shekels. Beyond this amount the shipment is at our expense
Please note, this shipment does not include any warranties of any kind *

Registered Shipping:
Registered shipping in the jungle is made by registered mail delivery, usually within a few days, with a full warranty and an additional 7 NIS for shipping.

Package Delivery:
If you wish to receive the product as quickly as possible and still maintain the warranty for the product, you can order a package shipment. Package delivery comes within a period of 24 hours from the time the product is removed from our office
The cost of sending a package plus 30 NIS for the normal shipping fees. The package comes to you within 24 hours from the time of printing and sending. The phone should be asked about the prices of package delivery in orders over 200 NIS

In any case, it is possible to collect the shipment from our offices located in Haifa, on the street via PICA 25A (near Horev Center). especially

Despite all the attractive price in Israel.
Please note that even with the higher shipping costs (registered shipping and package delivery), Jungle Printing offers the most attractive prices in Israel.
Jungle is committed to maintaining the best service while providing the most attractive price on the market. If you found cheap prices from us to the same
Product, please update us and we will compete with any counter bid
In addition, if you find a more attractive price within a period of up to 30 days, you will receive a full credit for the money you paid for the product.
Limited to a company registered in Israel only *

Good will versus special operations
Despite the good will, special offers will not be given
free. Jungle reserves the right to change the prices of all shipments at any time, without notice and even if not updated on the site
In any case, Jungle will not charge the customer at a price higher than the price stated on the site / the price agreed upon in the phone call and without video that the customer
I agree to the new shipping price

* For the avoidance of doubt, when using the term 24 hours the intention is unequivocally intended for one business day. If the product was produced during the week, the shipment will take 24 hours. If the product was produced on the weekend including Thursday, the shipment will be sent only on Sunday, meaning that it will arrive on Monday.

The responsibility for delivery times is the responsibility of Israel Post. Times: refer to the largest cities in Israel and are not relevant to the following areas
Villages / moshavim / towns / development towns, and any other place where a moving postal service operates