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If for any reason you do not agree to all or part of the Terms of Use, you may not make use of the Site, including the Software, ordering services and ordering Motzim

The provisions of the Regulations relate equally to both sexes and are formulated in the masculine language for the sake of convenience only
The site reserves the right to update the regulations from time to time and at its discretion and we do not undertake to give advance notice thereof

Terms of Use
The site can only be used by a person who has fully identified according to the identification form who is an adult and has a valid e-mail box and is the owner of a credit card

Minors and persons who are not legally qualified will be able to register only with an adult and / or guardian who has a credit card and will register for them as the account holder on the site

 You may use the Site, including its images and software, solely for the sole purpose of ordering paid products

Do not disclose, publish, translate, reproduce or reproduce copies of material, software or images from the Site and / or modify, process, translate
Or create derivative works based on written materials without a signed agreement of the site

It is absolutely forbidden to make use of the site or the software for the purpose of uploading texts and / or material protected by copyright and the user does not have the appropriate certificate for its use and / or constitute a breach of trademarks and / or trade names and / or patents and / Racist and / or offensive and / or offensive and / or false and / or misleading and / or constitute defamatory and / or defamatory and / or constitute a violation of privacy and / or any pornographic material or sexually explicit or potentially Harming the feelings of the public and / or any material that creates grounds for prosecution and / or violates the provisions of any law, including the Prohibition of Defamation Law, 5727 - 1067 and / or the Protection of Privacy Law, 5721-1981

The user of the site and / or the software and / or transferring material for printing declares and undertakes that he owns all the property rights in the material uploaded by him to the site and / or the software and / or received permission from the owner of the rights to use them legally

The Site shall not bear personal liability for any damage that may result from cases in which the user violated the provisions of these Articles.

The Site reserves the right to claim compensation and / or indemnity from the User for any damage and / or legal process caused to it and / or its managers and / or its employees and / or any of its users and / or to any third party following such actions as mentioned in Section 2.3 above
It is hereby agreed that the Website will be entitled, at its sole discretion, to refuse to print material and / or to delete material, even if it is not prohibited material. If the site refuses to print / store such material, the customer will not have any right to claim and / or claim against the site in respect of such refusal

The site may change its price list from time to time. In the case of a dispute regarding the price, the determining price shall be in accordance with the price list as published on the website on the day the order was made

Storage material
 Jungle takes all the measures at its disposal to maintain the integrity of the materials transferred to it for printing. However, users are required to back up the material in which they use the jungle in any way prior to its transfer and before any use of the site and / or the software because Jungle is not responsible for recovering files that were damaged / deleted and the user will not be entitled to any compensation from jungle and / Or anyone on its behalf if an event occurs as described

The user shall not be entitled to any compensation from Jungle for any damage or claim and / or loss of profit and / or loss of information, directly or indirectly, of any kind and type whatsoever

 Jungle does not store the material transferred to it after the product is delivered to the customer

In any event, Jungle shall not be liable to the Client for any damage and / or claim and / or loss of profit and / or loss of information, directly or indirectly, of any kind and type whatsoever.

The site does not give any responsibility for its use and / or the results of its use. For the avoidance of doubt Jungle shall not be liable to you for any damage and / or claim and / or loss of profit and / or loss of information, whether direct or indirect of any kind and type whatsoever

If you do not accept these conditions, you are requested to discontinue the installation and / or use process immediately

 The site shall not be held responsible for their suitability to users' needs or the services offered to users of the site and the software are
For their purposes

The site is not responsible for any act or omission of such third parties and shall not be responsible for any damage and / or loss and / or loss and / or expense incurred by users and / or any third party

As a result and / or in connection with any such act or omission

The service is handmade and therefore can not rely on 100% direct printing. We make every effort to ensure that all prints are as straight as possible.

In any case the user is aware that the service on the site is handmade and therefore can not be canceled for any reason that is not the direct responsibility of jungle and not spoken in these regulations

Order and delivery
The prices of products on the site may be updated from time to time. Before making the reservation and to make sure the
The latest prices are recommended to check the price list. The mandatory price list is the one that appears on the site at the time of sending the order

Deals, discounts and special offers that will be offered on the website and / or by phone will all be at his discretion
Jungle's sole proprietor may terminate or change the terms of such purchase and operations
At any time and subject to his sole discretion.

The delivery dates published on the site will be calculated from the moment the order is transferred to production after checking the file's integrity and properly debiting the credit card. Delivery times do not include delivery time.

The shipment will be carried out through Israel Post and / or distribution companies. The site is not responsible for delaying delivery of the product due to circumstances beyond its control related to the shipment

In the event that the product does not arrive at its destination, the site will be responsible for supplying the printed product only after receipt of confirmation from the sending party that the product has not been delivered to its destination

The site will not be responsible for loss of delivery due to incorrect or missing address.

The shipping rates appearing in the well are in Israel only.

When delivering the product, the site may require the presence of the credit card holder for the purpose of identifying and signing a credit card.

When ordering a product by postal mail or mail that has not been registered, the site will not be responsible for the product's postage.

cancel reservation
Cancellation of transactions will be done in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981 (hereinafter: "the Consumer Protection Law"). Please note that it is not possible to cancel a transaction for a product created on special demand.

Cancellation notices must be submitted in writing according to the information published on the site. The site will honor a request to cancel orders that have not yet entered the production process.

The site may announce the cancellation of a purchase transaction when there is a problem receiving the data from you or no data has been received at all.

When booking
A strict proofreading should be done before sending the product to print.

The site is not responsible for spelling errors, errors in image locations and / or any other design error, including designs designed by the site and sent to the customer for approval.

The product prints as it appears in the preview.

The site will not be responsible for the integration of low quality images.

A deviation of up to 25% must be taken into account between the color of the colors displayed on the screen and actual colors, including the colors of the shirts. These differences are due to color differences between the computer screen and the actual print, and there is no way to achieve full accuracy on this subject. Users and invitees and agree that they are aware that this gap will not be considered a defect in the product ordered by them

When booking
Prices do not include shipping which will be charged separately unless explicitly stated otherwise

Entering false information is a criminal offense against a user who submits false information and will take legal action

It is agreed that the site will not be responsible for errors in the transaction resulting from entering erroneous details into the system.

Icons Any information and / or display appearing on the Site, including graphics, design, verbal presentation, trademarks, logos and the editing and presentation thereof, are the exclusive property of the Site. You may not copy, distribute, publish or otherwise use the content appearing on the Site.

The courts in the Haifa area will have the local authority to hear any dispute relating to the purchase of a product and / or service on the site.