Wedding shirts

Wedding shirts are the trend that ignites weddings in Israel in particular and in the world in general. The trend goes into weddings because the wedding shirts are written funny / humorous messages that raise the mood for all present and give the audience a desire to get up and dance.

During the final dances after the dessert, the groom takes off his wedding suit, removes the friends, the immediate family and anyone who has enlisted in the wedding shirts to put on their shirts and put on the funny wedding shirts they had prepared in advance.

There are wedding shirts based on cynical humor such as "Look at me I suggested to him to escape" or "The groom lost us in poker Where is the safe?" And there are elegant wedding shirts such as "The beautiful in white is my wife".

It does not matter what style of wedding t-shirts you choose for your wedding, humorous, elegant or even English shirts from our home designs, which is sure that the shirts you choose are going to make you happy at the wedding and remain a beautiful souvenir for the important day of your life.

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Jungle markets beautiful wedding shirts with exclusive designs, all at an unprecedented price. Jungle wedding shirts are top-notch shirts, with direct printing without a bothering jungle sticker. It allows you to accept Dripit wedding shirts that are very good for the dance stage at no additional cost.

Price Wedding T-shirts in the jungle Prints:

Starting from 10 shirts only 25 NIS per shirt